Wednesday, 11 May 2011

'The Time Hunters and the Box of Eternity' due Christmas 2011 ...

By now, I hope some of you have found your way to reading the first chapter of 'The Time Hunters and the Box of Eternity.' If not, it's over there on the left ... go on, have a look .... It won't hurt, I promise ...Well, maybe a little ... Err, nah, who am I kidding? ...

Anyway, a few people have told me that the opening chapter suggests that the book seems somewhat  darker than 'The Time Hunters'. All I can say is yes, it may be to some extent. But, like any second chapter in a series (there will be 5), the stakes have inevitably risen as a result of what happens in the first book. And what I will say, is that some of the villains in the second book are about as nasty as you can get. Infact, what with Otto Kruger, George Chapman (Google if you have to), Double-Hook (first time he's been mentioned anywhere) and some mighty fine monsters then the book has baddies to suit all wicked tastes.

I also hope it will be lots of fun. I mean there's optomediaphibic folios, Memorasers, zombie sharks, pirates galore, a hitherto unknown Van Gogh painting, a time travelling American biker, the largest sea creature to have ever existed, and real ale called 'Old Noggin.'

The clock is still ticking ...


  1. I really like the first chapter and can't wait to read more. Thanks for the sneak peak, Carl!