Monday, 20 August 2012

'The Time Hunters' - Brazilian contract signed...

I am delighted to say that today I've signed the contract from major publishing house, Bertrand Brasil, to get TH1 published as a print & ebook in Brazil. For me, it's a dream come true. I'm very proud to be an independent writer in Britain, but it's also  humbling to think that a major publishing company in Brazil has faith in the series to publish it for the Brazilian market.

I'll keep you all informed of all developments.



  1. Congratulations, Carl. I read about your success in the Nantwich Chronicle last month. I've been a bit slow in sending you this comment as I have been in the USA for nearly a month.
    I was travelling with my country music friends whose biography I have been writing. My book is due out in the next few weeks.
    As you may have guessed I live quite near you. I belong to Nantwich Writers Circle. Are you a member of any writers' group?
    Best wishes, Moragh

  2. Hi Moragh,

    And thanks for your kind words. The very best of luck with your book. You must be very excited. I wasn't aware Nantwich had a writers circle, and I'm certainly not a member of one. Best of luck with that and should you ever want to get in touch then please contact me on


  3. Congratulations! I found your forum thread on Amazon this morning, bought two of your books and then popped over here to find out more about you. What a wonderful post to land on.

  4. Bless you, DJ. That's really kind of you to say. And thanks for buying the books :) x