Bernard & the Bibble

Bernard Williams is a nine year old boy with a very serious heart condition. He lives a sad and lonely life until he meets a rather grumpy Bibble called Fungal Durgeblatter and embarks on a quest to retrieve the stolen Bibble Gold. However, will he survive the adventure?

Join Bernard and Fungal as they crawl through the Bumbletum Tree into a magical underground kingdom: the Lower Levels - a world of Manglewabbles, Flufflevelly Pudgestackers and Gutwangers; where flowers taste of pizza and a snail can sprint faster than a spider. A world where miracles happen.

With shades of Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll, ‘Bernard and the Bibble’ is an uplifting, magical adventure that can be enjoyed by children of all ages ...

Authors note:

‘Bernard and the Bibble’ is almost certainly the most important story I will ever write. I had the idea on the day my father, Bernard Ashmore, died of a heart condition and began to write it two days after his funeral. In a small way, it helped me cope with the initial stages of grief, as creating the astonishing world of the Lower Levels helped me distance myself from the pain of the real world. However, in no way is ‘Bernard and the Bibble’ a sad or gloomy story. Far from it, I believe it is filled with fun, optimism and hope and reflects my dad’s philosophy that life really is for living...

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